Welcome to hyphen.info, an information source for UK Researchers.

As part of their investigations into both Knowledge Technologies and the Semantic Web, researchers at the University of Southampton collected information about people working for universities, where it was freely available on the Web. This was structured as RDF, according to an ontology developed in the AKT (Advanced Knowledge Technologies) Project. This information was collected from home pages, departmental web sites and other repositories of information, and was restricted to a subset of the Computer Science departments, updated nightly.

Unfortunately we currently do not have the resources to keep it up to date, so it has been removed, although it can be made available for research purposes.

In addition, another source is the the publicly available RAE information on the HERO web site, which covers all UK Academics. This is still available.

We are pleased to make this information freely available for viewing or download; use the links above to explore.

In addition to the raw data available here, the RDF is asserted into a "Triple Store", which is stored on an SQL server. If you would like to try browsing this, then you can start by putting a string into this box (which is case-sensitive), followed by return:

Please contact Hugh Glaser (editor@hyphen.info) with any comments.